Our team

Ever since the founding of the company in 2014 we at Namio service have been aware that people are our main asset for growth and development in all our activities. We have our people to thank for the successes that we have enjoyed so far.

For more than 6 years the team has stood out for its magnificent workforce. Thanks to their efforts, their customer orientation, their hard work and their creativity the organisation has been able to overcome all crises and challenges.

Namio service has a communication and logistic network that make up its three business lines in Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Czech Rep.

We are ready

To satisfy the diversity of our activities and our continuous improvement in the supply of value for our customers.

Team work

Namio service corporate teamwork is based on excellent open communication and organizational transparency.

A blend of talent and commitment

A mixture of talent and commitment
We encourage the career development of all employees in an increasingly global environment, within a framework of commitment that guarantees equal opportunities based on merit and effort.


We try to provide our services in a simple way by making our customers trust that they rely on our professional skills